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With the weather warming back up and spring on the horizon, the thrill of open-road driving on a sunny day becomes a commonly held hope. No vehicle gives you more of that sense of freedom than the 2020 MINI Convertible, which effortlessly blends the top-down, open-air experience with the unforgettable and unmistakable driving dynamics we’ve perfected over 60 years.

Why stop at just rolling the windows down on a fine summer afternoon? The 2020 MINI Convertible lets you have all the fresh air and all the headroom you could ask for with an electrically powered soft top. Deploying in just 18 seconds at speeds of up to 18 mph, this soft top lets you adapt to the conditions quickly and easily — and the MINI Rain Warner app helps you stay on top of April showers by notifying you of potential precipitation.

Not only does the 2020 MINI Convertible give you the top-down and top-up options, but it gives you a unique third choice: sunroof mode, which lets you keep the top up but let in plenty of air and sunlight. Speaking of unique, consistent with our approach to letting you have your MINI the way you want it, the MINI Convertible soft top is available with a MINI Yours design displaying the Union Jack, making your ride recognizable from just about every angle.

Speaking of iconic style, the MINI Convertible is decidedly and unflinchingly a MINI. From the sleek profile to the vibrant color options to the abundant options for customization, the MINI Convertible is everything you love about our iconic Hardtop 2 Door with the added bonus of being able to drop the top. Same goes for its performance: with a MINI TwinPower Turbo beneath the hood and a four-wheel independent suspension, the MINI Convertible rides on rails and delivers that smooth, balanced handling we’re known for.

The 2020 MINI Convertible is a car for all seasons — but it’s especially a treat to drive when winter gives way to summer. See what the new MINI Convertible has to offer when you visit your nearest MINI dealership.

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