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The changeover from winter to spring is sure to evoke a longing for long drives on sunny afternoons with the windows down and the music turned up. The only thing that could possibly be better: long drives on sunny afternoons with the top down. Not only is this exactly what you can have with the 2019 MINI Convertible, but with its legendary go-kart handling and its warm personality, you’ll get so much more.

Characteristically MINI

There are certain expectations that come along with the MINI name — loads of style, nearlyunlimited customization, thrilling power and world-class handling. The 2019 MINI Convertible achieves all of these expectations handily, living up to a legacy that spans nearly six decades.

With the wheels pushed to the corners and its unmistakable profile, there is no denying the 2019 MINI Convertible is the descendant of the Classic Mini that first shocked the system in 1959. The same can be said for its more than 10 million possible combinations, including more than a dozen different body colors, 10 different styles of wheels, bonnet stripes and a MINI Yours soft-top proudly bearing the Union Jack.

For as much as it needs to look the part, the 2019 MINI Convertible would not live up to its name if it didn’t perform like one. With three different takes on the award-winning MINI TwinPower Turbo engine, ranging from 134 horsepower to 228 horsepower, excitement is a mandate. MINI’s world-famous handling is arguably the star of the show thanks to three different driving modes, a performance-tuned suspension and technologies like Dynamic Stability Control, all of which serve to make the experience of driving the 2019 MINI Convertible one that stays in your bloodstream well after you’ve put it in park.

Raise the roof (or don’t)

The most distinctive feature of the 2019 MINI Convertible is likely its three-in-one roof, which defies the convention of two-way drop tops and raises the stakes. Not content to limit your choices to open or closed, the MINI Convertible’s soft-top features a half-open setting that acts as a 16-inch sunroof and can be adjusted at any traveling speed. If you want to put the whole roof up or down, it’ll only take 18 seconds, meaning you can make the switch in a pinch.

You might worry about poor weather raining on your parade, but we’ve already got you covered with the new Rain Warner feature for the Journey Mate app. If you plan your trip into the country using Journey Mate, you’ll be alerted to rain on the horizon and advised to close your soft-top. If the weather brings foggy windows, the 2019 MINI Convertible also features a heated glass rear window.

The 2019 MINI Convertible is ideal for driving in rain, sleet or snow, but it’s even better for sunny spring days. Top down, top up or somewhere in between, the MINI Convertible is the convertible that other convertibles wish they could be.

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